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You don’t want a criminal lawyer… you want a criminal lawyer.


Glutamate: necessary for memory and learning

Epinephrine: regulates attentiveness and mental focus (“fight or flight”)

I’ve been on semi-hiatus for the last couple of months because I was first moving back from America to my parents’ place in England, and then from there to my new place in London. I’m exhausted and fed up of (un)packing BUT I now live here!*

(* ok so I don’t actually live here but I do live about 10 minutes walk away. It’s pretty awesome.)

Also, last week I got to see Martin Freeman as Richard III at the Trafalgar Studio - SO GOOD. He was honestly brilliant and the play was surprisingly funny in parts (it’s one of the ones I’ve never read or seen before). Most of the rest of the cast were pretty good too (Richmond was a bit weak tbh but anyway). If you can go, I really recommend it.

And now I’m off to France for a week and a half where I will have no internet connection, but when I’m back I should be resuming normal life/tumblring at last :) And spending my last days of the summer holiday wandering around London, getting to know it again, breathing it in, every quiver of its beating heart…

the last enemy to be destroyed is  d e a t h

the last enemy to be destroyed is  d e a t h